Improving the quality of life and health of patients with special needs by integrating best clinical practice, science and education


Become a world-class leader, carrying out rehabilitation, scientific and educational activities in accordance with international standards of quality and patient safety, coordinating the activities of rehabilitation organizations in the country


* The National center for children’s rehabilitation (it was Republican until 2016; further – Center) admit its firstr patients at 2007, September 10.

*The first head of the Center for 15 years was an experienced healthcare organizer, a neurologist-rehabilitologist of the highest category, doctor of medical sciences Sholpan Bulekbaeva, whose contribution to the development of children’s rehabilitation in the country was awarded state awards: the “Shapagat” medal and the “Parasat” order. Her doctoral thesis was on the treatment and rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy.

*For the first time in the country, the Center was created a system for the rehabilitation of children suffering from psycho-neurological and neuro-orthopedic pathologies, which includes medical, social, psychological and pedagogical assistance, as well as providing rational dietary nutrition and teaching children in general, auxiliary and correctional programs, involvement in the Paralympic Games.

* For the first time in Kazakhstan, the Center introduced such modern technologies as the method of dynamic proprioceptive correction (suit “Adeli”, “Graviton”), the method of clinical analysis of movements (posturography, biofeedback method), robotic kinesitherapy (complexes “Lokomat” and “Armeo”), used exoskeleton “ExoAtlet”

* For the first time such specialists as occupational therapists, game therapists, music therapists, Montessori teachers were introduced.

* For the first time in the country, rehabilitation activities for children with autism spectrum disorders were presented.

* For the first time in one Center, a social rehabilitation program was introduced, which included orthotics, choreographic, sports, music halls, workshops for occupational therapy, computer classes, winter gardens, biofeedback rooms.

* On a regular basis, the Center holds scientific and practical conferences with international participation “Foreground directions of rehabilitation and balneology”, which were attended by leading specialists and experts from more than 25 countries, including the China, Germany, Italy, Japan, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Mongolia, Russia, South Korea, Slovenia, UK, USA, etc.

* 4,200 children are rehabilitated annually in the Center. For 15 years, 61,647 children have been healed. Of these, 32,975 children (56%) are socialized. The provision of a complex of rehabilitation services is carried out using the model of integrative rehabilitation, where the Center’s activities are based on the use of three aspects of multidisciplinary rehabilitation: medical rehabilitation, pedagogical correction, social adaptation.

Achievements of the Center

* 2014 – first time in the world, the Center successfully passed the accreditation of the International Joint Commission International (JCI) as a medical organization for Long-Term Care. Currently, JCI accreditation is the most prestigious and objective international recognition of the quality and safety of services in medical organizations. The Center successfully confirmed its commitment to the requirements of the JCI Commission during the re-accreditation in 2017 and in 2021.

* 2018 – The Center successfully passed the national accreditation with the assignment of the highest category.

* 2013 – The Center joined the World Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climate Therapy “FEMTEC”. For their contribution to the development of balneotherapy and rehabilitation, the Center and four employees were awarded with FEMTEC gold medals.

* 2013 – according to the results of the international business rating, the Center was recognized as the “Industry Leader of 2013”, the Chairman of the Board was awarded the Order of Glory, Deputy Chairman – recognized as “Specialist of the Year”, financial director awarded a medal.

* 2013 г. – Центр победил (I место) во Всероссийском с международным участием конкурсе учебно-методических работ студентов и логопедов «Инновационная логопедия: достижения и перспективы», в номинации «Авторский учебно-методический материал» в г. Саранск

2013 – The Center won (I place) in the All-Russian competition with international participation of educational and methodological works of students and speech therapists “Innovative speech therapy: achievements and prospects”, in the nomination “Author’s educational and methodological material” in c.Saransk.

* Within the framework of the state grant, the Montessori pedagogy method was introduced in 17 preschool and rehabilitation institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

* 2013 – The Center was accredited as a scientific organization.

* 2013 – It was opened the branch of the Center in Kyzylorda region for 50 beds.

* 2012 – The Center became the winner of the all-russian competition “Best Biofeedback Specialist”, held in St. Petersburg in December 2012.

* 2012 – Information about the Center was included in the “Federal Directory” of healthcare in Russia, in the directory “Healthcare of Kazakhstan”, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

* 2011-2012 – according to the results of the “Pharmaceutical Constellation” Competition in the “Clinic of the Year” nomination, the Center was nominated as “The Best Clinic of 2011” and “The Best Clinic of 2012”.

* 2011 – 25 employees of the Center were included in the directory “For the sake of life on earth” – The best healthcare workers of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

* 2010 – The National Medical Association awarded the Center with the Public Sign of Recognition “MERCY” for the high quality of medical care.

Organizational structure