What is the cost of paid medical services at the National Center for Child Rehabilitation?

The cost depends on the specialization of the doctor. The price list with the cost of services is presented on the website

How are they admitted to the National Center for Child Rehabilitation for rehabilitation treatment?

You can do this in 2 ways:

Get a quota (MHI) at the place of residence;
 On a paid basis by appointment (contact phone numbers +7(717) 251 15 55 or +7 (717) 251 16 12).

What documents are needed for hospitalization?

The list of documents depends on the age of the child, and there is also a separate list for the accompanying person. This information is provided by your local pediatrician, general practitioner or therapist at the polyclinic at your place of residence

How can I get a quota for rehabilitation treatment at the National Center for Child Rehabilitation?

You need to contact a local doctor, a specialist in the profile of the disease and the head of the polyclinic at your place of residence.

What rehabilitation services does the National Center for Child Rehabilitation provide?

Consultations and rehabilitation treatment of children and adults: pediatric neurologist, adult neurologist, neurorehabilitologist, pediatrician, rehabilitologist, doctor of physical medicine and rehabilitation (physical therapy, physiotherapy, hydrokinesotherapy, robotic kinesotherapy – Locomat, Armeo, Cosmos, posturography), dietitian, sign language therapist, functional diagnostics doctor (EEG, ketogenic diet), psychotherapist, doctors of biofeedback rooms for psychoemotional, musculoskeletal and speech therapy correction, correctional teachers (occupational therapist, speech therapist, psychologist, defectologist, game therapist, music therapist, Montessori teacher, sign language teacher), orthotics (insoles, orthoses, corsets), social adaptation (labor, race track, winter garden).

Are there any contraindications for rehabilitation?

The following contraindications are available for rehabilitation

What is the difference between the National Center for Child Rehabilitation and similar institutions?

The Center is the only institution in Kazakhstan and Central Asia that provides all three aspects of rehabilitation: medical rehabilitation, psychological and pedagogical correction and social adaptation. In addition, the National Center for Child Rehabilitation is the only rehabilitation center since 2014 accredited by the International Commission on Quality and Safety of Medical Services JCI (USA) and confirmed its status in 2017 and 2021. According to this standard, the Center ensures high safety and quality of international medical services.

Do you issue sick leave for accompanying persons and caregivers?

If an accompanying person is with the patient around the clock, it is possible to provide a sick leave for working persons. It is necessary to inform your attending physician about this during the first days of your stay at the Center.

Who determines the amount of rehabilitation and the sequence of procedures?

The attending physician and a multidisciplinary team of specialists together with the caregiver and the patient.