— Conducting scientific research aimed at rehabilitation care and restorative medicine;

— participation in the organization and holding of congresses, symposiums, scientific conferences and meetings;

— carrying out scientific research on issues of restorative medicine;

— introduction and dissemination of rehabilitation assistance technologies;
— conducting training sessions using interactive technologies among target groups, including educational, law enforcement and other organizations, vulnerable groups of the population, on the formation of a multidisciplinary group, including medical rehabilitation, social adaptation, psychological and pedagogical correction;
— conducting advanced training courses for medical and non-medical personnel, specialists from other interested departments of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other countries;

— joint participation with educational organizations in postgraduate training of scientific and pedagogical personnel.

Management functions and tasks:

— planning, organization, coordination and implementation of methodological support for research activities;

— planning, organization and coordination of activities for the development of cooperation between the Company in the field of joint research programs with organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan, countries of the near and far abroad;

— ensuring the fullest use of the opportunities of international grants and investments of foreign funds in the scientific research and scientific innovation activities of the Company;

— support of scientific programs carried out by the Society: national, international, contractual;

— initiation of participation in the organization and coordination of the activities of commissions, councils, societies established to ensure the scientific and research activities of the Company’s employees;

— ensuring the fullest use of the scientific potential of the Company’s employees;

— providing organizational, advisory and technical support to the Company’s branches in matters of a scientific and research nature.