Patients’ rights:

The National Center for Child Rehabilitation (hereinafter referred to as the Center) is responsible for ensuring processes that support the rights and obligations of patients and their families during the provision of medical care and services.

Medical care and services are attentive and respectful to patients and support patients’ personal freedom, dignity, independent expression and choice.

Medical care and services support the ability of patients to achieve the highest social, physical and functional levels through the mission and services of the Center.

Medical care and services are respectful of the privacy of patients.

The patient has the right to keep and use personal belongings and property, to protect against theft, damage or loss of this property during his stay at the Center. The staff of the Center is not responsible for the safety of valuables that have not been deposited.

The center provides an environment that promotes good health and respect for the patient.

The center keeps the patient in touch with family and visitors.

The center supports patient communication outside the organization.

The patient’s decisions to participate or not to participate in spiritual, social and other activities or groups are supported.

The patient has the right to receive protection from neglect, exploitation and abuse.

Patient information is confidential and protected from loss or misuse.

The Center supports the rights of patients and their families to participate in the processes of medical care and services.

The Center informs patients and family members, in an understandable way and in language, about the conditions of medical services, methods of treatment and rehabilitation, and how they can participate in decisions on medical care and services.

The Center informs patients and family members about their rights and obligations related to refusal, interruption of treatment and rehabilitation.

The Center supports the participation of patients and their family members in making decisions about changes in treatment and rehabilitation activities.

The Center informs patients and their family members about the process of receiving and responding to complaints, conflicts and disagreements related to the provision of services to the patient, as well as about the patient’s right to participate in these processes.

The Center allows patients and/or their family members to meet as an organized group to discuss important issues related to the provision of care and services to the patient.

All patients are informed about their rights and obligations in an accessible form and in understandable language.

Responsibilities of patients of NAO “NCDR”:

Take care of maintaining your health.

Take measures to preserve and strengthen your health.

For the safety of patients, transfer the medicines you have with you to the pharmacy for storage.

Show respect and tact in dealing with medical professionals.

Inform the doctor of all information necessary for the diagnosis and treatment of the disease. After giving consent to medical intervention, strictly follow all the instructions of the attending physician.

Observe the regime and internal regulations, take care of the Center’s property, cooperate with medical personnel in receiving medical and rehabilitation assistance.

Inform medical personnel about their illness in case of infectious diseases and diseases that pose a danger to others.

Do not commit acts that violate the rights of other patients.

Persons in care should not leave children unattended.

Stay in the department only in neat clothes and a change of shoes.

Attend treatments, classes, meals and other activities at strictly designated times.

When entering and exiting the ward and ward, treat your hands with a specially selected solution located at the entrance to the ward and ward.

Do not remove the identification bracelet for the child. If it is damaged, inform the nurse for replacement.

Keep quiet in the Center.

To maintain cleanliness and order in the ward and department.

Do not dump garbage and waste clogging the sewer into the sanitary unit.

Do not drain liquid food waste into the trash can.

Label the products in the refrigerator with the date.

Keep personal belongings and valuables in proper conditions, for which patients are responsible. To warn employees about their absence from the bed.

Do not use electronic devices capable of causing interference in the operation of the Center’s equipment.

Use designated smoking areas for this purpose.

It is forbidden to smoke and drink alcoholic beverages in the premises and on the territory of the Center.

In case of violation of the rules of stay in the Center, the patient may be discharged from the department with an appropriate mark in the discharge epicrisis.