NCDR completed the cycle on Ergotherapy

On December 8, 2023, the National Center for Children’s Rehabilitation completed the “Occupational Therapy” cycle of 72 academic hours.

Mentors of the cycle: Head of the ergotherapy department, rehabilitologist Orazbayeva A.S., head of the psychoneurological department No. 2 “Kadam”, neurologist Zhylkybaev G.L., ergotherapist of the ergotherapy department Esilbaeva A.M.

During the training, students mastered a short course in anatomy, physiology, biomechanics of the upper extremities, swallowing organs, and chewing. They have mastered theoretical and practical skills in using innovative ergotherapeutic techniques in the rehabilitation of children and adults with neurological and orthopedic pathologies. Students completed practical classes in 6 departments of the center, in the social rehabilitation room, and independently studied literature in the center’s library. We learned the skills of using ergotherapeutic manipulations for children with swallowing and chewing disorders, correct positioning of patients, and using international scales in assessing patients. Every day we analyzed situational problems and completed test tasks.

Independent experts N.A. Embergenova (ergotherapist) and M.A. Embergenova (ergotherapist) were invited to the final test lesson, who heard the cadets defend the project on the topic: “The work algorithm of an occupational therapist,” in which each listener demonstrated the work algorithm, taking into account specifics of your rehabilitation (habilitation) center.

Among the course participants were representatives of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Bashkortostan, Ufa, and from the Charitable Foundation for Helping Seriously Ill Children “Special Children” in Ufa.

In conclusion, Deputy Chairman of the Board for Medical Affairs, PhD, MBA, neurologist of the highest category Daribaev Zh.R. congratulated the audience and solemnly presented certificates of advanced training.

Head of the Department of Science and Education, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor Bagdat Sakenovna Imasheva thanked the mentors, congratulated the students and noted that a list of all those trained with Q-code certificates of advanced training will be posted on the NCDR website.

The listeners expressed their gratitude to the department of science and education and the lecturers of the NCDR for new knowledge in the field of occupational therapy and the opportunity to master the practical part of all occupational therapy techniques.