NCDR has completed a cycle of training in therapeutic physical culture

On December 15, at the NCDR I completed training in Therapeutic Physical Education on the topic: Therapeutic Physical Education (Elements of Vojta Therapy, Bobath Therapy and PNF Therapy) – 3-stream. Cycle duration 4 credits/120 hours.

The goal is to improve knowledge, skills, competencies in physical rehabilitation and medicine, with an in-depth study of modern methods: Vojta therapy, Bobath therapy, PNF therapy, etc.

The cycle is very popular among exercise therapy instructors. During the training process, knowledge monitoring was carried out, the initial level was determined daily through pre-test questions, the basic level was determined through post-test tasks, situational tasks were analyzed and practical skills were developed in the departments of the center.

Exercise therapy is an integral part of rehabilitation, universal health coverage, along with health promotion, disease prevention and treatment.

Students received material on international scales, the correct setting of rehabilitation goals, the ability to interpret scale data, goniometry, and draw up a motor rehabilitation plan. A modern approach to adult and pediatric rehabilitation. We learned how to correctly apply innovative techniques in exercise therapy.

The final lesson was conducted with the participation of independent experts: doctor of physical medicine and rehabilitation Bayaliev Sultanali Shakhizatalievich and physical therapy instructor (teacher) Baimuldina Farida Kazhenovna, head of the laboratory of robotic rehabilitation Kaliyasov Meiram Maksutovich, Orazbayeva Arailym Sagatovna-habilitologist, head of the department of occupational therapy for assessment of mastery practical and theoretical knowledge.

Chairman of the Board Zh.E. Battakova, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, congratulated the students on the successful completion of the cycle and presented certificates of advanced training.

The listeners expressed their gratitude to the lecturers of the National Center for Children’s Rehabilitation for relevant and practice-oriented knowledge in the field of exercise therapy.

Please note that the NCDR website contains a list of all trained certificates of advanced training harmonized with the Q-code.

At the end of the event, a memorable photograph was taken with the course participants.