Results of the NCDR year – 2023

Dear colleagues, patients!

The calendar year 2023 is coming to an end, and it’s time to take stock. In the past year, the team of the NJSC National Center for Children’s Rehabilitation has done a lot of work. Let me present you with key messages reflecting our significant achievements this year.

Standardization and Accreditation:

— The center has successfully passed an assessment of its activities for compliance with national standards of quality and patient safety, with the assignment of the highest category

— accreditation as a subject of scientific and (or) scientific and technical activities for a period of five years

— international institutional accreditation for educational activities for a period of five years

Patient focus and increased accessibility

— Over the current year, more than 4,200 patients received rehabilitation assistance, of which more than 7% of children took their first steps, 18% were able to stand independently, 23% were able to crawl independently, 85% were able to sit independently, 58% were able to hold their head up

— to increase accessibility, a branch in the Kyzylorda region with a capacity of 60 beds began to operate as part of the Center

— modular rehabilitations have been developed and implemented

— automated collection of incidents and patient opinions was introduced to assess the quality of medical care

— in 2023, patient satisfaction remains at a high level, more than 92%

International cooperation and partnership:

During the reporting year, 6 memorandums of cooperation were concluded:

KAMT (Kazakhstan Association of Medical Tourism)
Indomedi (India)
Xi’an TCM Hospital for the Treatment of Brain Diseases LLC (PRC)
Republican Prosthetic and Orthopedic Center (Almaty)
Medical Tourism Associations (Between – KAMT, NCDR, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan)
Higher Institute of Psychomotor Rehabilitation ISRP (France)

— Information about the Center was included in the catalog on medical tourism for the CIS countries 2023.

— On December 12 of this year, an international conference was held on the topic “Multidisciplinary and integrated approach to rehabilitation care” with the participation of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan and delegates from France;

— Opening of the “France” hall and the school of young scientists/rehabilitation specialists.

Organizational and methodological work

— visits were made to 20 regions of the country in order to provide organizational and methodological assistance to regional medical organizations providing rehabilitation assistance to the child population.

— 84 regional medical organizations were visited, advisory assistance was provided to 38 patients

During the current year, 57 educational events were held, including 14 master classes, 15 lectures, 11 seminars, 2 trainings, 15 round table meetings on current topics, such as “Development of sensory perception in children with special needs”, “Cerebral paralysis. Features of treatment and care. Planning and evaluation of the effectiveness of rehabilitation measures in child neurology according to international scales”, “Application of the ICF in the process of medical rehabilitation”, “Rehabilitation of children with neurological diseases”, “Application of elements of Vojta therapy”, “Vojta diagnostics”, “Speech therapy massage”, etc.
1021 specialists from regional multidisciplinary groups took part in educational events.

Educational and scientific activities

3 educational programs in medical and 4 in pedagogical areas have been developed
A total of 182 specialists were trained
Applications for competitive participation in scientific grants for 2024-2026 were submitted.
Two certificates of protected objects were received

—   The Hirsch index of the Center’s employees (according to Scopus) was 0.1